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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

  1. What does PHN do?
  2. What are “Potentially Impairing Illnesses”?
  3. Do Programs Like PHN work?
  4. How Can I Learn More About PHN?

Answer 1:

  1. Assist with investigation of professionals with potentially impairing illness
  2. Conduct interventions
  3. Arrange appropriate evaluation
  4. Arrange appropriate treatment
  5. Contract for continuing care
  6. Provide earned advocacy for the recovering professional
  7. Provide continuing education on potentially impairing illness that can affect professionals to professional groups and the general public.

Answer 2:

Potentially impairing illnesses include abuse and dependency on mood altering drugs including alcohol, psychiatric illness, stress and burnout, personality disorders, sexual disorders which can result in sexual misconduct, and some physical conditions. PHN terms these illnesses “potentially impairing” since all these products exist on a continuum and are not “impairing” in their earlier stages. PHN wishes to intervene before a potentially impairing illness results in overt impairment.

Answer 3:

Dr. Gary Carr was head of the FSPHP Steering Committee that worked with outside investigators to study state PHPs. This Committee discovered that of 904 physicians from sixteen states, 78% were sober without relapse at an average of 7.2 years of monitoring. If we consider those who had a relapse and further treatment, we find over 90% in stable recovery at 7 years. Yes!! These programs work.

Answer 4:

Please review all the information here on the site. You may also sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter with Ms. Donna Young at You are also invited to visit our office at 5215 Old Highway 11 Suite 80, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. Please feel free to contact our office at any time (601)261-9899.

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