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About Us

The Professionals Health Network (PHN) is an IRS-approved 501c3 charitable organization available to assist non-physician Mississippi licensed professionals and their students with potentially impairing illnesses such as Substance Use Disorders including Alcoholism, Psychiatric Illness, Cognitive Deterioration, Sexual Disorders, and qualified physical impairment.  It is open to regulatory entities and boards who wish to participate. 

PHN works closely with the participants professional organization and licensure authority.  Our goal is to serve as an alternative to the disciplinary process for professionals who seek or are motivated to accept the help we offer.  For more information, please see "Services".   

Our Medical Director is Gary D. Carr, M.D.  Dr. Carr has been involved with Professionals Health for over 20 years. He has served as the Medical Director of the MS Professionals Health Program from 1998-2009 and then as Medical Director of the Professionals Health Network 2009-2011. In addition, he has served as the Medical Director of the Washington State Physician Health Program and Medical Director of the Oaks at LaPaloma in Memphis, TN.    He speaks nationally and internationally on issues of addictive illness and professionals' health.   Dr. Carr is a member of the state and national chapters of both the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Society of Addiction Medicine as well as a member of the American Medical Association.  Dr. Carr was rehired as Medical Director of PHN October 2016.  For more information on Dr. Carr, click here.

Our Executive Director is Ms Donna Young,  MS Young has worked with numerous medical facilities and served in the field of Professionals Health since 2002.  She has been involved in all levels of program participant monitoring and is highly skilled in organizational development and management.

The Professionals Health Network has a representative, dedicated Board of Directors with unique talents who lend their time, energy and expertise to promote PHN's mission and goals.  The Professionals Health Committee (COMMITTEE) is, likewise, composed of highly qualified professionals who work tirelessly to see that our program participants have all the tools necessary to aid effective recovery.  Our Staff, Board of Directors and COMMITTEE members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.  

Hayley Farve, Executive Assistant/Case Manager    

Tom Kepner, Outreach Consultant/Business Development.  



Board of Directors

Gary D. Carr, MD*, Medical Director    

Donna Young, Executive Director

Tom Wiggins, DMD, Exec. Committee*

Kevin Keen, DMD*

Rev. Joe Landrum

Christine Eaves, DVM*

Willie Webb, D.C. 

Deborah Gross, MD*

Scott Whitaker, DMD, MD*

Alexis Polles, MD, Past Medical Director

* Serves on Board and Committee



Gary D. Carr, MD, Medical Director*

Donna Young, Exec. Director (Non-voting)*

Tom Wiggins, DMD*, Chair

Christine Eaves, DVM*

Deborah V. Gross, MD*

Kevin Keen, DMD*

Scott Whitaker, DMD, MD

Monty Lang, DDS

Kirby Sills, DVM

Cliff Burris, M.Div. 

Tom Kepner, Outreach Consultant